When I create jewellery, I am in the Universe of playing. That is my way of bringing the fairy-
tale into the world. I see a picture of a marvellous piece of jewellery, and almost never consi-
der if wether I can make it happen.

I have allways created jewellery for the fun of it. I have an education as a dental technician
with an independent dentallaboratory. The jewellery have come to mean more and more to
me. I have then organized a showroom with a permanent exhibition.

Specifically I have worked with rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and brooches shaped as
small human beings in silver, mini sculptures, star signs, guardian angels, Harlequin and Colom-
bine, mermaids, sailors and diving girls. Yes even Tomb Thumb, on her leaf, pulled by a butter-
fly, like in the fairytale.

Forms of Nature, snail shells, cockle shells, starfishes, crab´s claws, fishes, flowers, butterflies,
spiders and bees, are my sources of inspiration.
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